Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Susan - I appreciated your comments! I too have struggled with sweets. I could live off of them period. Anything with sugar was my down fall. For me the final resolve came down to moderation in everything even the bad stuff for us. The evenings were always the bad time for me and so I would push off the sweet stuff for as long as I could. If I made it to the evening then I would almost feel rewarded as I ate my treat. I also watch calories and if I was going over then I would have to get creative to see how I could fit all the desired foods or drinks in. Also, take one day at a time. Each day is new and begins a clean slate. Good luck! I have just restarted on my journey once again and this made me remember all of my "trade secrets". Any way it is about staying on the journey even after we have reached our goals. Stay with it and realize that the journey is never over. So don't stress and keep moving forward. Good Luck!

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