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We've got tips on holiday dining to get you from Thanksgiving 'til New Year's Day! And don't miss the recipe roundup after all the tips... YAY!
                                If You're Hosting...

Keep guilt-free staples on hand. Click here to check out a few ingredient essentials we're never without this time of year. And don't forget to stock your home bar, HG-style!

Make sure you don't get SO distracted that you forget to eat during the day. We know -- it's easy to get caught up in all the prep work, but remember to sip lots of water and make time for lunch.

Don't give in to the "tradition" of serving a fattening feast. Serve the classics without the calorie overload! You don't have to load up the mashed potatoes with butter and heavy cream or use Grandma's sugar-and-egg-laden pumpkin pie recipe. We've got some sneaky swaps for holiday favorites -- totally suitable for the dinner table!
                If You're a Guest...

Don't leave for the party hungry! You'll arrive and immediately start grazing on appetizers and then pounce once the meal is served. Have a snack with protein and drink some water before you head out.

Bring a dish. Check in with the host/hostess ahead of time and find out what you can contribute; then whip up something guilt-free and delicious. (See the recipe roundup below!) Your host will appreciate the help, and you'll know that you have at least one option that you can really indulge in no matter what else is served.

Get a little physical activity earlier in the day. We mention this here because, if you're hosting, you'll likely be moving around all day -- cooking and getting your home ready for invaders... um, we mean guests. But if you're just attending the soiree, chances are you have the day off. So take a walk in the a.m., do some yoga... whatever!
                                Either Way...

Don't go overboard with cocktails. The calories add up... and with a glorious feast ahead, who wants to drink a ton of calories? Plus, if you ingest a lot of alcohol, you'll be more likely to make foolish food decisions later.

A substantial breakfast. A light lunch. Lots of water. A protein-packed snack. What are these? Our recommendations for what to eat and drink before the holiday dinner. Don't do the "I'm saving all my calories for the big meal" thing -- it's a bad idea. If you're ravenous and dehydrated at dinnertime, you'll probably overdo it.

Survey before you serve. Check out your options, and consider what's worth splurging on. Then fill your plate with lean meat (YAY turkey breast!) and veggies (ones that aren't loaded with cream sauce or butter) before you tackle the decadent stuff. Salad and broth-based soups are excellent starters, too.

Eat your favorites! It is a special occasion, so don't deprive yourself -- just don't go crazy with the amounts. Once you have a good base of lighter stuff in front of you, add small servings of the seasonal goodies you love. Dig stuffing? Grab a scoop. Mashed potatoes? Add a dollop to your plate. And when it comes to dessert, have a small portion of your favorite with a cup of tea or coffee.
                HG-for-the-Holidays Recipe Roundup!

The Classics Collection! For our time-honored, traditional holiday swaps, CLICK HERE! You'll find pies, cranberry sauce, stuffing, casseroles, and SO much more. And now for some of our latest creations...

Cran-tastic Apple Cornbread Stuffing - Our newest stuffing option for you to consider serving up. It's so good, people. SO GOOD.

Great Garlic Miracle Mashies - We upgraded our original recipe (seen here). Why? Because garlic is awesome. Check it out!

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes 'n Turnips - This dish has HOLIDAY DINNER written all over it. Make it and see!

Creamy Pumpkin Faux-sotto and Butternut-Potato Swirly Mashie Casserole - Two spectacular and squash-tastic side dishes. How will you choose just one?

Big Beef 'n Bacon Meatloaf - Want a fun and hearty new dish for the table? We suggest this -- bacon is a crowd pleaser!

What's Shakin'? Beany Bacon Soup - Speaking of bacon... If you're thinking of serving a soup, this pick will make everyone smile!

"Happy Holidays" Hot Fruit Crumble, Eggnog Puddin' Pie, and Apple of My Cake - Moving on to desserts, we've got three right here that everyone will love!

Crazy-Delicious Apple Dumplings - Baked apples, covered in dough, filled with gooey, fruity filling. "Crazy-delicious" is not an exaggeration...

Freezy Downside-Up PB Dream Pie - Don't be scared away by the chilly nature of this dessert -- it's too good to leave off this list!

Candyland Peppermint Pie - When things start getting wintery, a slice of this pie will keep things wonderland-y too...

Thanks HUNGRY GIRL!!!!  :)

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