Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Have You Heard? The Real Deal on Red Meat......

A major study recently came out with some startling findings concerning red-meat eaters -- as a staff mostly made up of omnivores, we took note of this at the HG HQ. The study examined more than 120,000 people over a 20-plus-year span. The research indicates that even a single serving of red meat per day could increase one's risk of death by about 15 percent, especially from cancer and heart disease. But here's the thing... Reportedly, the subjects who ate red meat were also more likely to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol and less likely to be physically active and eat fruit and vegetables. So how is a person supposed to react to information like this? We're not nutrition professionals over here, but moderation in all things has always been very important to us. If you frequently eat red meat, try cutting back. And don't discount the other findings of this study -- unhealthy habits like smoking and lack of physical activity are risk factors too. Researchers also estimate that swapping a daily serving of red meat for healthier foods like poultry, low-fat dairy, and whole grains could significantly reduce your mortality risk. So take care of yourself, and chew wisely!

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