Monday, April 12, 2010

Susan...this is for you! :)

When I read your post about drinking made me happy....only because I too, share your soda pain. I LOVE DRINKING SODA!!! There I said it! My father has always drank soda....we were always a soda family! My hubby makes fun of me because it doesn't matter what I'm doing, I like having some kind of drink next to me! LOL Luckily most of my soda drinks are diet...occasionally Mtn Dew is the only thing that hits the spot! I am just addicted to the fizz & sometimes the caffeine too. Two of my favorite drinks are diet coke with a small splash of regular coke & diet Mtn Dew with a splash of regular Mtn Dew just to take the edge off the diet....if you know what I mean :) I sound like a shady alcoholic mixing my drink of choice, don't I??? LOL

I can't stand the taste of regular, plain when I started doing Weight Watchers, I decided to put Crystal Light packets in my water bottles. It was so much easier to drink 3 or more bottles of water per day & only have an occasional soda. Crystal Light has really saved me! I love most of the flavors & it makes me forget I'm drinking water :) Have you tried Crystal Light? If not, give it a try when you really want a soda & maybe it can be a great replacement once in a awhile. Good luck! Don't don't need to completely cut out soda (unless you want to), cut down a little bit & it will make a big difference! :)


  1. Here is my two cents.
    I am going to die from a Diet Coke OD...I think soon we will hear even more horrible things that Nutrasweet is doing to our bodies, I have braced myself. As far as I can tell there is one drink that seems to not have anything shady in it...and it is not water. Costco has their version of Vitamin Water without the calories. I can't remember the name for sure but look at the labels. No calories, no sugar. I have tried to add this to slow down my Diet Coke consumption...still hard. And hopefully I am not missing some evil ingredient present there. But it is not like trying to substitute mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes...that is just crazy!

  2. I can totally relate to both of you. I haven't tried Crystal Light in years. I do like the pizzazz of the fizz and the caffeine of soda. I also add Coke to my Diet Coke, though sometimes I go half and half or all Coke because I haven't decided which is worse for me. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

    At least we're all doomed together. :)