Monday, November 8, 2010

You Don't Have to Join a Gym to Stay Fit This Winter

 Linda Vernon Scholl, MPT- University of Utah Healthcare

Here are some examples (based on ½ hour of activity):
Vacuuming - 119 calories
Mopping - 129 calories
Raking leaves - 146 calories
Painting the walls - 144 calories
Dusting - 85 calories
Ironing - 78 calories
Laundry - 73
Playing with kids - 192 calories
Shoveling snow - 204 calories
Adding things like stairs, squatting, lunges, and lifting to your work can burn even more calories.
Here are a few fitness strategies you can try using things you have around your home:
· Cans of food or small or large or tote bags filled with groceries make great hand weights. Do some lifting while you watch TV!
· A gallon jug filled with water weighs about 8lbs, or you can pile up some items in a laundry basket for more advanced lifting. (Clothes, books, young children!)
· A simple chair with arms can help you tone the backs of the arms or the legs!
· A wall provides great support for lunges, leg lifts, and other exercises.
· A large exercise ball and bands are inexpensive and are excellent ways to tone and strengthen muscles.
· Interactive video games such as Nintendo or Wii fit help you exercise while having fun.
· Try pushups on the edge of your counter while you're cooking.
· Always park far away from an entrance so you can add some walking to your day.
· Avoid the elevator and take the stairs - you can burn about 10 calories per flight!
· Lifting or playing with your children can be a lot of fun as well as work.
· Turn on some music and dance!

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