Sunday, January 2, 2011

My favorite "Calorie Girl" is coming to TV!!!! YAY!!!

"Hungry Girl" is one of my favorite gals when it comes to eating healthy & low-cal recipes.   I am so excited that she will now have her own show on the cooking channel.   Many of my recipes that I post & healthy advice come from her....she is freaking awesome!   I will be tuning in to her new show....will you??

411 on Lisa Lillien aka Hungry Girl

Catch Lisa Lillien aka Hungry Girl on Cooking Channel
By January, you may resolve to focus on a little calorie cutting after an abundant and waist-increasing holiday season.  Stress not — we’ve got your back. Beginning Saturday, January 8th at 2pm (MST), Hungry Girl aka Lisa Lillien arrives on Cooking Channel…

Lisa Lillien aka Hungry Girl — What You Need To Know:
Hungry Girl – Lisa Lillien isn’t a nutritionist, she’s just hungry.  She’s obsessed with food and wants to celebrate it…while still fitting into her pants.  This apparently has struck a chord since she has about 1 million fans who get her free newsletter, with millions more who read her weekly columns on Weight Watchers and Yahoo!

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