Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Message from Mindy Buxton--Health Coach

Greetings Fitness Friends,
Last week in my Healthy Kitchen Workshops we talked about how it's unrealistic to think that there's a perfect way to eat.  What is realistic is to continually focus on how we can make the healthiest selection when it comes to ingredients, food choices and simple food prep. ideas.
Here are a few swaps that are from familiar brands which can make transitioning to healthier eating a bit easier on you and your family members. (Most of these can be found at Harmon's or Costco!)
Swap peanut butters, jelly, or other condiments with high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils for these brands...
Natural Jif or Skippy nut butters, Stonewall Kitchen jelly or berry syrups, or Welch's 1/3 less sugar jelly (their only option without HFC).  
Use Worcestershire sauce as a low sodium, high flavor marinade or drizzle as a dressing. 
Swap ice cream and popsicle's to brand such as Breyer's all natural vanilla ice cream or Dryer's fruit bars. 
Rather than buying packaged treats, make a batch of cookies, brownies or cake from scratch so they are fresh, delicious and contain less unhealthy ingredients or additives than the packaged options.
Try incorporating a few of these healthy swaps into your grocery list next time you shop.  You can even try some of these ideas at your upcoming Memorial Day Weekend celebrations. 

If 80% of your food choices are healthy, you have room for less healthy choices about 20% of the time and can still experience results!

It's refreshing to know that seeing results and achieving goals are based on consistency and continual improvements--NOT perfection!  So, make healthy choices and you will make the healthy body you desire.

Have a healthy and active day!
Your fitness & food coach,

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