Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Go BIG or Go Home!

I saw a great segment on one of my favorite shows today, STUDIO 5....Fitness Contributor, Melanie Douglass talked about "getting back on the wagon" for 2012!   Many "experts" will tell you that you should start a new  weight-loss goal by starting out SLOW.....not the case!  Have you seen The Biggest Loser lately.....they kick them in the butt from day one!!!   You have to kick your body into gear....you are already used to starting SLOW....that is what got you in a position that you aren't happy with! 

Here are some simple tips from Melanie for STARTING BIG:

1. Don't be afraid of a little hunger!  Being a little hungry throughout the day does not mean you need to run to the fridge/cupboard & eat something.....this is a good thing....it is training your body that the change is good! 

2. Double your fruits and veggies!  These are very low in calories, very high in natural fiber & very high in nutrients!   EAT 'EM UP....you will notice a huge difference after just a couple weeks!!!!

3. Interval your workouts!  Pick your 2 favorite activities & go back in forth....ex: running on the treadmill & jumping jacks.....do 2-5 mins of each & go back-n-forth.  This will kick fat-loss in high gear & it is really good for your body to have that change every couple minutes.  Change which exercises you do each day.  Your workout will never get boring or stale!

4. Eat less at night!   You usually don't have the energy required to burn off as many calories in the evening hours.....so eating less won't overload your body with calories that will just sit there when you go to bed.   Going to bed on a full stomach is the fastest way to kill your weight-loss goal!!

5. Keep a food/exercise journal.    Write down EVERYTHING you eat every day!   Take responsibility for what you put in your mouth!!!   How will you know EXACTLY what you are eating if you don't write it down?   No one has a memory that good!   I guarantee you will forget out that tiny peppermint patty or that little chocolate covered cashew!   A lot of "little" things add up to a lot of calories & they can really throw you off-track & kill your weight-loss plan!   OWN WHAT YOU EAT!!!

This one is just from me......DRINK, DRINK, DRINK....WATER!!!   If you drink a minimum of 65 ounces of water per day....you will stay fuller, ward off cravings, lose MORE weight & have an overall healthier body!!!

OK, everyone.....so let's start right now.....KICK IT IN HIGH GEAR & GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!   Do these 6 things in your life starting today & you will see a huge difference in 30 days!!!!  :)

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  1. Great tips! It's the late night snacking that always gets me!!!