Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why Your Diet Might Not Be Working

 For a lot of people, the "eating better in the New Year" thing is still weighing pretty heavily (no pun intended) on the mind. Well, some new info has emerged that may help you make the best of this year's weight-management efforts. A recent study found that people who overate on a low-protein diet gained less weight than other overeaters. But it also found that a low-protein diet meant lower levels of energy expenditure (read: calories burned) and lean body mass. Bottom line: For the best long-term results, aim for a reasonable amount of protein (and, um, try not to overeat). In other news, while we're big fans of fruits and veggies, a recent study of 300,000+ subjects found that just eating lots of produce wasn't enough to influence weight loss. However, results suggest that loading up on fruits and veggies could stave off weight gain among people who stop smoking. Interesting! So what have we learned? It's important to have a balanced diet (including things like lean protein, fruits, and veggies) and to pay attention to calorie intake -- don't just choose one or the other!

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