Thursday, February 25, 2010


Some carbohydrate foods are better than others. Below is a list to help make good choices of your carbohydrates.

Good Sources of Carbohydrate
♦ Vegetables (all kinds)
♦ Fruit (limit quantity if trying to lose fat)
♦ Oats and oatmeal
♦ Brown Rice
♦ Yams
♦ Lentils
♦ Whole Grain Breads
♦ Whole Grain Pitas
♦ Whole Grain Cereals
♦ Potatoes

Carbohydrates to Avoid or Limit
♦ White Pasta
♦ White Rice
♦ White Bread
♦ Instant Oatmeal
♦ Fruit Juices
♦ Bagels
♦ Donuts
♦ Muffins
♦ Sweets and Candies
♦ Processed Breakfast Cereals

The Simple Rule - If in doubt choose carbohydrate foods that are unprocessed or minimally processed.

—FreeDieting, the Weight Loss Guide

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