Saturday, February 13, 2010

My UPdate!

I finished the 14 Day Jump start from Jillian Michael's and I have lost 8 pounds during this time. I have worked out twice and have watched what I have eaten most days. No side effects that I have noticed and feeling great! I will be curious to see if in the next week or so doing what I have been doing if the weight I loss on the Jump start comes back or stays gone. My baby finally cut his molars after nine weeks of lost sleep to only start losing sleep due to an ear infection. But I will not lose the battle, maybe take it a little slower, but I refuse to give up. 22 more pounds to go. Maybe for Christmas I will receive my Silent Night. This has been my progress update. Oh, yeah! I am complete convinced that getting the right amount of sleep has everything to do with eating right and exercising. Go get some good sleep!

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