Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have a newborn and a preschooler to care for during the day, making it hard to exercise. Add the fact that it's too cold to take them outside, plus, the air is too dirty for anyone to breathe anyway! What does everyone else do to fit in exercise during the winter?


  1. I am in a similar boat as you baby is a year old & my daughter is 4. I knew I would go crazy if I didn't get some kind of exercise every day. So I decided to exercise during my baby's first nap. I make sure my 4 yr old had something to occupy her for 30 minutes & then I put in my Jillian Michaels "Shred" DVD. This DVD gives you a GREAT workout in just 30 minutes. I do this almost every day. On days, that I have stuff going on & I might not have my 30 mins to exercise during the morning.....I get up before my hubby goes to work (7:30am) & do my workout at that time. That is the FIRST thing I do when I wake up in the morning is figure out when I'm going to exercise.....because if I don't get my exercise in, I am NOT a very happy person! LOL I can't wait for spring when I can start walking & jogging with my baby while my daughter is in preschool. You should check out this is awesome!!! :)

  2. I do basically what Jenn does. As soon as the baby is asleep I will do anything I can to keep the other's occupied, usually a movie. The baby doesn't take long naps so I usually have exactly 30 min to excerise. I do a DVD, then when my husband gets home at night I try and run on my elliptical machine.