Sunday, January 10, 2010


I need to know what you all eat for lunch when you are "dieting" or trying to be more healthy???? I keep eating the same things EVERY day & I'm getting bored! Please help me.....I need some yummy ideas!


  1. Do you eat frozen entree's? They have a lot of variety. Also, I like to make grilled sandwiches on my Foreman grill (no butter needed). You could also make soups that you can eat during the week. Or you can buy canned soup and have a whole wheat roll with it....'

  2. These are the things I do for myself-
    *sometimes I make stirfrys or chicken with veggies and brown rice and portion them out in little containers- I usually lose good when I do this.
    *taco salad with ground turkey or beans, lettuce, whatever veg. I have, cour cream and salsa
    *salad with good fat free dressing, cottage cheese and all the veg. and saltines for crunch sometimes. (or chicken, turkey lunch meat, nuts, or cheese in it for protein)
    *romaine lettuce wrap sandwich instead of bread dipped in my fav dressing
    *peanut butter toast and milk
    *tomato soup and saltines
    *ww veggie soup- I make it so easy with v8, cabbage, broc, celery-cauliflower if I get crazy- I use frozen veg often to I don't have to cut all of them. then I sometimes stir in cheese when I eat it- because the soup is nothing so a little cheese won't hurt... or a good toasted sandwich with it.
    *baked potato with cottage cheese and broc
    *chicken or black bean burrito i put a tiny bit of rice sometimes, maybe a little cheese, sour cream salsa but I be smart with the balance. It has to taste good or it won't last long!
    *english muffin pizza sargento had a sundried tomato flavored fat free cheese that is good

  3. I love the ideas from Alison and Shelley. I like to 'fry' chicken tenders with zucchini (with cooking spray or a tad of olive oil), then add tomatoes (fresh or stewed). I also love a green salad, to which I add some protein: cheese, an egg, turkey, chicken or sunflower seeds.